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Sure and safe have been in the business of concrete scabbling for over ten years. providing a safe no-slip solution for milking sheds and feed pads up and down the country. We are committed to providing you with quality workmanship at competitive prices, to keep your livestock safe.


Feed pads, milking sheds and more...

Our specialised machine uses a pressure system to drive a series of small pistons into the concrete, creating a textured no-slip surface. We specialise in milking sheds and feed pads, but are capable of applying our services to any concrete surface.

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Why we're the best

Unlike jackhammering or grinding our specialised scabbling machine adds grip to any concrete service without compromising its structural integrity. Our pressurised system guarantees precise and efficient work across large or small areas.


First we water blast the area to remove muck and prepare the surface for scabbling


Our unique machine creates a textured non-slip surface. We repeat the process multiple times to ensure the best results


We leave the site clean, dust free and ready to go

Our quality

Do it once. Do it right

Scabbling guarantees the safest, most reliable results. Traditional methods such as grooves can damage the integrity of the concrete and often require maintenance. Over time grooves build up with dirt and faecal matter creating a slick surface that can be even more dangerous than smooth concrete. Our scabbling method is engineered to create a textured surface that doesn’t require maintenance or reapplications. Gain peace of mind knowing that your live stock are safe on a no-slip surface that will stand the test of time.